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What does the application process entail?

Visiting this page puts you in Stage 1 of the five-stage, event-organizing process. (You can check out the rest of the stages here.)

EAGx Stages

The timeline for Stage 1 (Applying and Structuring) is as follows:

Before applying:

  • Think about whether or not running an EAGx event makes sense for you

  • Identify 1-2 other interested core team members

  • Structure a rough program plan, based on conference structure and known components

  • Determine whether the event should be general or themed (See "What’s the differences between general and themed events?" below)

While applying:

  • Submit the Typeform application

  • Book an interview slot

  • Interview with CEA

  • Complete trial assignment, if assigned

After applying (if accepted):

  • Video call with CEA to acquaint with the provided resources, review the terms of involvement, and clarify outstanding questions

  • Sign the EAGx Organizer Agreement

  • [As desired]
  • Complete Stages 2 through 5 (see the Conference Stages page for an overview)

You should leave four to six months after applying to the date of your event. It takes about one month to complete Stage 1: two weeks for application review and interview and, if requested, two weeks for the trial assignment completion and review.

There has been an EAGx event in my region in the past. What do I have to do?

Start filling out the application, and respond that you have run an EAGx event in the past. It will divert you to a different set of questions relevant to your circumstance. If at least one of the primary organizers from the last event is on the team, the interview will be replaced by shorter update call.

Past EAGx organizers will not necessarily be accepted to run an EAGx event again in their region, even if they did a good job running their event operationally. What matters most is the impact of the event, so if you could get the same or more value from a less costly endeavor we will encourage you to do that instead.

I’m running an event and want to turn it into an EAGx event. What do I have to do?

That’s awesome! Go ahead and submit the application, indicating that you will run this event regardless of our involvement. Together we will use the application and interview to figure out whether your conference is a good fit for the series or better as a standalone event.

Don’t be disparaged if you’re not approved! CEA is trying to limit the amount of time it needs to put into oversight of EAGx events, so we are going to be sparing in the number of events we give the EAGx title. Even if you don’t get the title you’re more than welcome to apply for funding and use our event-organizing resources.