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Ready for the next step? Applications are due February 28th, May 31st, August 30th, and November 30th, and accepted on a rolling basis.

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The application takes ~30 minutes to complete.

If you're already organizing an EAGx conference or other EA event, check out our:

Event-organizing resources

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Update (as of June 2017)

We’d like to apologize once again for the long delays in republishing the EAGx organizer application. We’ve had some shifting of staff within the organization that has left the project rather lacking in staff time. Additionally, the feedback we received from organizers and attendees engendered some skepticism about the cost-benefit ratio of EAGx relative to other things we could encourage people to do. Rather than push forward with a project of uncertain benefit, we waited until we had the time to more properly consider our options and pivot our strategy accordingly.

What you're applying for

Effective Altruism Global X (EAGx) is the locally organized international conference series of the Effective Altruism community.

Who should apply

While we encourage individuals from chapters of all sorts to run local events, EAGx events are best suited to well-established groups in relatively populous regions. Individuals in smaller chapters or who are just beginning to seed a meetup group will be better suited to another type of local event. The amount of experience we’ll expect of an organizer before accepting them is relative to the scale of the event they intend to run.

Why to apply

CEA believes that there are massive gains to be had from getting someone interested in EA to become very knowledgeable, strategic, and involved. While it’s easy to promote clickbait articles and mass advertisements, we believe that this poorly represents EA, and that the people who will become most engaged will usually take to long-form content and conversations instead. In many cases, in-person events are just this nudge, offering changes to meet potential collaborators to encounter mind-changing information.

How to apply

Visiting this page puts you in Stage 1 of the five-stage, event-organizing process. (You can check out the rest of the stages here.)