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When is the application due?

We have quarterly application deadlines:

Q1 Deadline: November 30th

Q2 Deadline: February 28th

Q3 Deadline: May 31st

Q4 Deadline: August 30th

The quarters associated with each deadline indicate when organizers will be able to organize their events. It can take up to a month for organizers to go through the application process, so e.g. Q1 deadline applicants will know by the end of December whether they have been accepted to start organizing in January. Since we expect organizers to spend 4-6 months preparing for the event, applicants should aim to apply 5-7 months before the dates they are considering for their conference.

I just missed an application deadline. Can I still apply?

If you would like to submit an application sometime before the next deadline, feel free to do so! We’re happy to evaluate applicants whenever they appear, but may take a bit longer doing so "off season." You should be particularly comfortable applying off schedule if you’re a returning event organizing team or would run the event regardless of our involvement. (See details about the applications for “returning” and “regardless” teams.)