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While we encourage individuals from chapters of all sorts to run local events, EAGx events are best suited to well-established groups in relatively populous regions. Individuals in smaller chapters or who are just beginning to seed a meetup group will be better suited to another type of local event. The amount of experience we’ll expect of an organizer before accepting them is relative to the scale of the event they intend to run.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Motivated to volunteer about 5 hours per week over the course of 4-6 months, and up to 40 hours per week in the few weeks leading up to the event

  • Well integrated in related circles in the proposed region

  • Able to rally others to participate as team members and volunteers

  • Proactive and organized, and/or willing regularly use Google Drive and Asana

  • Well versed in effective altruism concepts

  • Receptive to feedback and willing to compromise

  • Familiar with the process of event or conference planning

If you don’t pass the criteria with flying colors, don’t worry! We’re looking to run great events and support eager organizers in doing so, not weed you out. It’s to both your advantage and ours if you’re frank upfront about your level of preparedness so we can figure out together whether EAGx is a good fit and how we can help. We have a bunch of resources to guide you through the process.