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What is an EAGx conference?

An EAGx conference is a locally-organised conference for people interested in effective altruism (EA). An EAGx event takes place over 1-2 days and will typically involve:

  • Talks and workshops on pressing problems that the EA community is currently trying to address and ideas to help the community achieve its goals
  • The opportunity to meet and share advice with other EAs in the community, including meet-ups for people who share interests or backgrounds
  • Social events at and around the conference

Who are EAGx conferences for?

EAGx conferences are primarily for people who are:

We consider people familiar with the core ideas of EA if they have completed an EA introductory program or have engaged with EA content at an equivalent level of depth. We encourage everyone at or above this level to apply to attend EAGx conferences.

You can apply for a free online introductory program here.

If you want to attend but are unsure about whether to apply, please always err on the side of applying.

There are also EA Global conferences. These conferences are for people who are knowledgeable about the core ideas of effective altruism and are taking significant actions (e.g. work or study) based on these ideas. You can attend both EAG and EAGx conferences.

Why is it called EAGx?

Just like there are TED and TEDx conferences, there are EAG and EAGx conferences. The 'x' indicates that this is an independently organised EAG event.

Where are EAGx conferences happening?

We are currently organising the following events:

Can I organise an EAGx conference?

Yes! If you are interested in organising an EAGx conference yourself, please apply here and contact with any questions.