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26 – 28 March 2021
Virtual networking event
An independent event, organized by volunteers

EA Fellowship Weekend is a virtual networking event for participants of effective altruism programs such as fellowships, reading groups, workshops, and cause area programs from around the world! The event will run March 26 to 28, with current and past EA program participants invited to attend.

Over the course of the weekend, you will have the chance to…

  • Create new connections in one on one or small group calls
  • Get matched with those facing similar bottlenecks to brainstorm solutions in peer-to-peer problem-solving
  • Attend social and networking events like speed friending and discussion groups

Many past participants in EA programs have said one of the best parts of their experience was connecting with the wider EA community. The EA Fellowship Weekend will be a great way to forge those connections.

Other members of the EA community are welcome to attend, though programming will primarily be catered towards current and past program participants. If you run an EA group with current or recent fellows, reading group participants, or similar programs, please pass along this invitation to apply!