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2 – 4 June 2017
Science Center, Harvard University
Harvard Science Center, Cambridge, USA

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EA Global Boston will focus on pushing the boundaries of effective altruism, featuring speakers on policy and science and exploring how to think about speculative topics:

  • Society — law, government, and policy (topics include: a discussion of what it is like working as an EA in government, animal advocacy and public policy, and moral cooperation)
  • Technology — recent developments, predicting important advances, novel applications (topics include: digital currencies, risks associated with technology, and probabilistic computing)
  • Science — recent and ongoing research and improving the practice of science (topics include: CRISPR, meat replacement techologies, and improving epistemics)

You'll also find office hours with organizations in the area of EA, workshops from 80,000 on careers and from the Center for Applied Rationality on decision-making, and plenty of time to connect with other participants.

Featured speakers

Neha Narula

MIT Media Lab,Research Director of the Digital Currency Initiative
Read more about Neha Narula

George Church

Professor,MIT & Wyss Institute at Harvard University
Read more about George Church

Vikash Mansinghka

Research Scientist and head of the Probabilistic Computing Project,MIT
Read more about Vikash Mansinghka

Bruce Friedrich

Co-founder and Executive Director,The Good Food Institute
Read more about Bruce Friedrich

Featured Talks