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11 – 13 August 2017
The Palace of Fine Arts Exhibition Center, San Francisco, USA

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The largest of the EA Global conferences, this event will place a special emphasis on effective altruism as a community and will feature an array of workshops, discussions and smaller talks in the style of an "unconference." Programming will focus on the effective altruism community itself, with potential tracks including:

  • How can the EA community find important causes we might be overlooking? How has this happened in the past?
  • How can we make people and projects in the EA community more effective?
  • Can we help others become more empathetic / altruistic? What makes people motivated to do good?
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Featured speakers

Tom Kalil

Senior Advisor, Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group
Read more about Tom Kalil

Spencer Greenberg

Spark Wave and
Read more about Spencer Greenberg

Desiree Dudley

‎Director of Neurotechnology Partnerships, MIT Media Lab
Read more about Desiree Dudley

Ben Todd

CEO and co-founder, 80,000 Hours
Read more about Ben Todd

Matthew Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer, GiveDirectly
Read more about Matthew Johnson