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14 – 15 July 2018
AMREP Education Centre
Melbourne, Australia

EAGx events are community-organized conferences about effective altruism.

More information and registration for EAGxAustralia is available at

This year’s theme is Stay Curious, as sometimes the most effective ideas come from unexpected places. With a diverse line-up of speakers discussing a range of both familiar and under-explored topics, we think there’ll be something new for everyone.

This conference will dive deeper into classic topics of EA such as alleviating global poverty, safely developing artificial intelligence, improving animal welfare and EA community building, as well as explore relatively newer areas of focus within effective altruism, such as mental health, anti-aging, biotech policy, reducing power war risks, geoengineering, nuclear non-proliferation, and more.

At the conference you’ll have the opportunity to: Learn more about how you can do the most good possible Hear from EA experts Discuss the latest ideas and research in the field of effective altruism Familiarise yourself with core concepts Coordinate on global and local projects with experts in creating impact Meet like-minded, altruistic people

The conference will include a Friday night keynote event, dozens of speakers, and workshops for you to participate in, over the course of 3 days. There’ll also be a social event on the Saturday night, which is a great chance to get to know fellow effective altruists. Tickets are strictly limited – register now to avoid missing out.

Date: Friday to Sunday, 13th-15th July Location Friday night event: University of Melbourne Location Saturday and Sunday events: AMREP Education Centre, Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct, Alfred Hospital

Featured speakers

Peter Singer

Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics,Princeton University
Read more about Peter Singer

Bridget Williams

Manager,Effective Altruism Australia
Read more about Bridget Williams

William MacAskill

Associate professor of philosophy at Oxford University,The Centre for Effective Altruism
Read more about William MacAskill

Kandasi Griffiths

International Development Strategist
Read more about Kandasi Griffiths

Jacy Reese

Co-Founder & Research Director,Sentience Institute
Read more about Jacy Reese

Persis Eskander

Research Associate,Wild-Animal Suffering Research
Read more about Persis Eskander