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6 – 8 January 2023
Museo Casa de la Bola
Mexico City, Mexico

EAGx LatAm will take place in Mexico City at the Casa de la Bola Museum, 6th-8th of January. One of our goals is to connect the LatAm community with the broader international community. So, although this event is primarily for the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking EA communities, applications from experienced members of the international community are very welcome! What better way to start 2023?

This will overlap with the EA Fellowships and Visitors Programme that we’re running in Mexico 1st Nov- 30th Jan with the aim of kickstarting an EA Hub in the city. So expect great EA vibes on top of fantastic local (vegan) cuisine and fun cultural activities like city tours and regional dance lessons.

The conference aims to:

-Raise the profile of EA in LatAm.

-Create and strengthen connections between EAs within LatAm, the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking communities.

-Create and strengthen connections between EAs in LatAm and the rest of the world.

Who is this conference for? This conference is for you if you…:

-Are from LatAm, new to EA and looking forward to learning more and connecting with like-minded people. Most of our talks will be introductory and cover a broad range of topics.

-Are from LatAm, very much not new to EA, and excited to meet other members of the community.

-Are an experienced member of the community from outside LatAm and keen to connect with EAs who might be under your radar.

I don’t speak Spanish, is this event for me? Yes! First of all, although the lead organisers (Sandra Malagón and Laura González) are also the coordinators of the Spanish-speaking community, we’re in touch with the Brazilian community, and our goal is to welcome people interested in EA across LatAm and the world at large, regardless of language(s) spoken. Most talks will use English as a lingua franca, with the exception of a few topic-specific talks and workshops like “Community building in the Portuguese/Spanish-speaking world”, which will be run in the relevant languages. We will have a system of stickers or colour-coded tags for participants to signal the languages they speak.

If you’re unsure about whether to apply, err on the side of applying.

If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to write to We accept emails in English, Spanish and Portuguese :)

Application details

  • Application deadline: 20 December 2022
  • Default ticket price: $75 USD (discounts are available and it is free for students)
  • Travel expenses support is also available, see below

Travel assistance

If you need financial support, and you are unsure whether to participate due to financial reasons, you may be able to apply for funding for the travel expenses via the application form. Please do apply for support if the cost of attending would be prohibitive for you. No worries! We will make it as accessible as possible for you! Please check our travel support policy for more details.

COVID-19 Policy The conference will be held in line with the latest local COVID policy guidelines. Everyone will be required to be vaccinated.

For more information email