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11 February 2017
Grainger Hall, 975 University Ave, UW-Madison
Madison, WI, USA

EAGxMadison: Careers for Real Good in the Real World

You, right now, can tackle some of the world's toughest problems — from climate change to factory farming to poverty and disease. Whether you're looking for a career that will really have an impact, or want to do the most good you can through donations or influencing others, this is the place to find out how! Come learn about the growing "effective altruism" movement.


EAGxMadison is free to attend, but we ask that you register in advance here. Lunch will be provided (vegan options available).

We are accepting registrations up until the day of the event, space permitting, but you must register by end-of-day February 2, to be guaranteed food for lunch. (We need to place final food order Feb 3.)

If you register after Feb 2, we'll write to you if we think we won't have enough extra lunches and will ask you to pack a lunch.


9:00 am - 9:30 amRegistration/Check-in, Refreshments
9:30 am - 10:05 am"Is Effective Altruism Right for You?" by Paul Kelleher
10:20 am - 2:35 pmCareer Workshop by Peter McIntyre (Lunch provided)
2:50 pm - 3:25 pm"Effective Entrepreneurship" by Ben West
3:40 pm - 4:15 pm"Social Impact Bonds and the future of government performance improvement" by Mollie Foust
4:30 pm - 5:30 pmKeynote: "Altruism through Omission: Doing the Most Good by Being Our Best Selves" by Mylan Engel

A Giving Game will be held throughout the day, with results announced at the end (see below).


Paul Kelleher

Paul Kelleher is Associate Professor of Bioethics and Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He works on issues in applied ethics and political philosophy that concern the health of populations. These days he is focused mostly on the ethics of health care reform in the U.S. and on the ethics and economics of climate change.

Peter McIntyre

After pursuing clinical medicine, Peter worked with the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute before coming to 80,000 Hours. Peter co-founded Effective Altruism Australia, a tax-deductible charity that in its first few months has raised over $400,000 for effective charities, founded a mobile repairs company, and managed a large sales team at the age of 18.

Ben West

Ben is the cofounder and CTO of Health eFilings, a health IT company focused on Medicare compliance which he started for earning to give reasons. He is the architect of an analytics platform used by almost every major healthcare organization in the US, and advises Medicare and the Office of the National Coordinator for Healthcare IT on interoperability and quality reporting. Ben has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and 80,000 Hours.

Mollie Foust

Mollie Foust is an Innovation Fellow at the Harvard Government Performance Lab. She primarily assists the State of Illinois on a variety of transformative projects including the launch of the state's first Pay for Success initiative aiming to improve the outcomes of at least 800 youth that are dually-involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. She also works with a number of cities through the What Works Cities initiative, which assists mid-sized cities across the United States move towards results-driven procurement. Prior to joining the GPL team, Mollie served as a consultant at the World Bank, where she focused on improving social safety nets and private sector development in East Africa. Mollie holds BAs in Anthropology and History from the University of Rochester and an MPA in Public Policy and Management from the London School of Economics' Institute of Public Affairs.

Mylan Engel Jr., PhD

  • Professor of Philosophy, Northern Illinois University

Professor of Philosophy at Northern Illinois University; specializes in epistemology and ethics, with an emphasis on animal ethics, environmental ethics, and global justice; lead editor of The Moral Rights of Animals (Lexington Books, 2016); co-author (with Kathie Jenni) of The Philosophy of Animal Rights: A Brief Introduction for Students and Teachers (Lantern Books, 2010); he has developed a commonsense approach to ethics, which he uses to argue that moderately affluent individuals have a moral obligation to assist the world’s food insecure and to argue that veganism is morally required.

Giving Game

Attendees will learn about effective giving and some of the best charities working on important problems in the world. They'll then determine how money given by our generous donors will be allocated among the following organizations:

Cool Earth, a charity that combats climate change by putting indigenous people back in charge of rainforest areas; the most cost-effective environmental charity according to Giving What We Can.

Fistula Foundation, a charity that provides high quality life-transforming fistula treatment to as many women as possible, and a top charity recommended by The Life You Can Save.

The Humane League, a charity that reduces animal suffering by inspiring change at individual and institutional levels, and a top charity recommended by Animal Charity Evaluators.

The Future of Humanity Institute focuses on improving the general trajectory of the next million+ years through research on math, science, and philosophy that addresses several existential risks to humanity.

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Closest: The closest parking ramp is Lot 7, under Grainger Hall. Hourly parking costs $1 every half hour for the first 2 hours, $1 per hour thereafter, with a daily max of $12.

Next Closest: Lot 83 at the Fluno Center, or Lot 46 on the corner of W. Johnson and N. Lake Street. (Same pricing.)

Cheapest: The City of Madison Public Parking Ramp at University Ave and N. Lake Street has an $8 max for day.