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5 – 7 April 2019
Nymble, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to the first ever EAGxNordics

About the conference

Our talks and workshop program is now available here, listing all speaker names and workshop holders. All meetups, other networking activities and talk details will be added soon.

This EA Globalx conference is about taking action and doing good better, by identifying the concrete ways through which we can have the greatest positive impact. The event will bring together 150 EAs to explore the most effective and evidence-based ways to improve the world, and then create plans for how to use our resources to have the greatest positive impact. The focus of the conference is to provide a clear understanding of key EA concepts, new developments in the global community’s thinking, and what different ways of doing good can look like.

Attendees will get the chance to meet other EAs from across Europe, get to know the local EA communities, and learn how they can have a great positive impact.

The conference welcomes EAs of all backgrounds - academics, students and working professionals - to discuss theory and action to solve the world’s most pressing problems. There will be both introductory and advanced talks on various topics related to effective altruism. In addition, there will be interactive discussions, workshops and meet ups where the focus is on taking action.

If you are curious to see if any friends or acquaintances are planning to go, take a look at our Facebook event

EAGxNordics is organized by EA Norway and EA Sweden.


At EAGxNordics we have two ticket categories, student and professional. Student tickets require a valid student ID, whilst the professional category is for working professionals and others who have finished their studies. The tickets are almost sold out, but we have a few professional conference passes left. For the student category, there is a waiting list. If people inform us that they are unable to attend, we will make tickets available for those on the waiting list.

Practical information

The conference program will start at 18.00 on Friday and end at 18.00 at the latest on Sunday. If you arrive later on Friday, or early Saturday, that is no problem as the registration desk will be open all weekend. On Friday night, the program will focus on networking activities and getting to know each other. All talks and workshops will happen on Saturday and Sunday. A detailed program will be sent out to all attendees closer to the event.

For those of you flying in, the closest airport is Stockholm-Arlanda. If you arrive by train, the closest station is Stockholm Centralstation.

Do you wish to support our event?

EAGxNordics is a non-profit event and we try to keep ticket prices as low as possible to create an accessible conference. However, if you do wish to support our work we gratefully accept donations:

Sweden: Swish 123 259 71 93
Norway: Vipps 503464
Make sure to label donations "EAGxNordics".

Photo and video

There will be photos taken and video recorded at the event. Photo and video material may be used in social media and for future marketing. Reach out to the organizers if you do not wish to be photographed.

Featured speakers

Haydn Belfield

Academic Project Manager,Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Read more about Haydn Belfield

Vicky Bond

Managing Director,The Humane League, UK
Read more about Vicky Bond

Joey Savoie

Co-founder,Charity Science Entrepreneurship
Read more about Joey Savoie