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12 – 14 June 2020
betterplace Umspannwerk
Berlin, Germany

Welcome to Europe’s annual Effective Altruism Global X (EAGx) conference. 250 members of the international effective altruism (EA) community will gather in Berlin to use reason and evidence to do the most good.

Join us to:

  • Meet 250 fellow EAs (academics, professionals & students) from all over the world
  • Discuss the world’s most pressing problems and how to solve them in various talks, workshops & meetups (all in English)
  • Support each other with advice, collaborations & funding to do the most good together

Applications will open in spring. Please check this website for updates or sign up here to receive an email when applications open.


  • Global catastrophic risks (AI safety, biorisk, nuclear security & climate change)
  • Meta (improving institutions, global priorities research, movement building)
  • Global health & development
  • Animal welfare
  • Other promising cause areas
  • Cause-neutral tools, such as career planning and productivity advice

(More info & reasoning on 80000 Hours)

Content suggestions are welcome here (preferably by 9 February, though later submissions will also be considered)


Note that this conference is aimed at people who:

  • Are familiar with the ideas of effective altruism (EA)
  • Share EA core values (commitment to help others, scientific mindset, openness, integrity, collaborative spirit)
  • Want to implement the EA philosophy to do the most good

If you are new to effective altruism, we recommend reading up on the core ideas and (if possible) join local meetups first.

We are looking forward to an inspiring conference with you!

Your EAGx core team (Sebastian, Luise, Cristina & Manuel)

This conference is a collaboration of EA Berlin, EA Leipzig, EA Hamburg & with kind support from the Centre for Effective Altruism.

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