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4 – 6 November 2022
Rotterdam, Netherlands

__Save the date! __ EAGx is coming to the bustling Dutch city of Rotterdam on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of November 2022!

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EAGxRotterdam will bring together ambitious individuals in order to work on solving the world’s most pressing problems. This conference is an opportunity to create new connections and learn more about EA with topics suitable for everyone. The preliminary programme entails various talks, workshops, meetings, and plenty of time for networking, as well as getting to know the city itself. All sessions will be in English and take place on site in person. We aim to livestream parts of the event, too.

Who is this conference for? Are you a critical thinker, do you enjoy debating, do you like meeting new people and do you want to do good? Then EAGxRotterdam is the conference for you! It is for everyone who: Feels aligned with the core ideas of effective altruism Has actively engaged with the EA community Is eager to learn more about EA! We encourage everyone described here to apply. If you’re unsure about whether to apply, err on the side of applying.

Further info The applications are opening soon: sign up here to stay up to date and not miss anything. Follow @eagx.rotterdam for further information about anything related to this event. You definitely don’t want to miss what we have in store for you!

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