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A.J. Jacobs

Author and journalist

Aaron Gertler

Content Specialist,Centre for Effective Altruism

Aaron Hamlin

Executive Director,The Center for Election Science

Aaron Tucker

Software Engineer,Wave

Abraham Rowe

Executive Director,Wild Animal Initiative

Adam Marblestone

Chief Strategy Officer,Kernel

Ajeya Cotra

Open Philanthropy Project

Alex Foster


Alex Holness-Tofts

Community Building Grant recipient,EA Oxford

Alexandre Sevigny

Associate Professor,McMaster University

Alexandria Beck

Director,Open Wing Alliance, The Humane League

Alice Redfern


Alison Fahey

Senior Policy Manager,J-PAL

Alix Peterson Zwane

CEO,Global Innovation Fund

Allan Dafoe

Senior Staff Research Scientist,DeepMind

Allison Duettmann

Researcher,Foresight Institute

Allison Smith

Former Director of Research,Animal Charity Evaluators

Alyssa Vance

Member of Technical Staff,Apprente

Amanda Askell


Amanda Ngo

Business Operations Analyst,Ought