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Kyle Fish

Graduate Student and Research Technician,Tufts University

Lance Johnson

President,Harvard College Effective Altruism

Lauren Mee

Co-Founder & CEO,Animal Advocacy Careers

Leah Edgerton

Executive Director,Animal Charity Evaluators

Leah Utyasheva

Policy Director,Centre of Pesticide Suicide Prevention

Lewis Bollard

Farm Animal Welfare Program Officer,Open Philanthropy Project

Lucas Perry

Project Coordinator,Future of Life Institute

Luisa Rodriguez

Senor Staff Researcher,Rethink Priorities

Luke Nosek

Partner, Founders Fund

Lynette Bye

Productivity Coach,EA Coaching

Mahendra Presad

PhD Candidate,UC Berkeley

Malo Bourgon

Chief Operating Officer,MIRI

Marc Lipsitch

Professor of Epidemiology,Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Marcus Davis

Co-founder and Lead Researcher,Rethink Priorities

Marie Gibbons

Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics

Matt Reardon

President Emeritus,Harvard Law School Effective Altruism

Matthew Gentzel

University of Maryland School of Public Policy