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Philip Tetlock

Annenberg University Professor,Wharton School of Business

Rachel Atcheson

Animal Welfare Liaison,New York City Mayor’s Office

Rachel Glennerster

Chief Economist,Department for International Development (UK)

Radhika Bhula

Senior Policy Associate,Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab

Rebecca Baron

Tufts University Effective Altruism

Richard Mallah

Director of AI Projects,Future of Life Institute

Rob Bensinger

Research Communications Manager,Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Rob Mather

Founder and CEO ,Against Malaria Foundation

Rob Reich

Stanford University

Rob Wiblin

Director of Research,80,000 Hours

Robin Hanson

Associate Professor of Economics,George Mason University

Roman Duda

Director of Content,80,000 Hours

Rose Hadshar

Research Scholars Project Manager,Future of Humanity Institute

Rossa O’Keeffe-O’Donovan

Assistant Director (Economics),Global Priorities Institute

Roxanne Heston

Research Assistant,Georgetown University

Ruairi Donnelly

Director of Growth,Effective Altruism Foundation

Ruth Grace Wong

Site Reliability Engineer,Pinterest