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Brian Tomasik

Brian Tse

Founding Director,Center for Long Term Priorities

Bridget Williams

Manager,Effective Altruism Australia

Brigid Slipka

GiveWell board member and social justice fundraiser,ACLU, GiveWell

Bruce Friedrich

Co-founder and Executive Director,The Good Food Institute

Caleb Parikh

Good Policies

Cameron Meyer Shorb

Team Expansion Leader,The Good Food Institute

Cari Tuna

President,Good Ventures

Carolyn Henry

Senior Programme Advisor,Schistosomiasis Control Initiative

Carrick Flynn

Research Project Manager,Future of Humanity Institute

Caspar Oesterheld

Researcher,Foundational Research Institute

Cass Sunstein

Robert Walmsley Professor,Harvard University

Catherine Hollander

Research Analyst, Outreach Focus,GiveWell

Cathleen Kilgallen

COO,Paradigm Academy

Christian Rassi

Programme Director,Malaria Consortium

Christian Tarsney

Research Fellow,Global Priorities Institute