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Jaan Tallinn

Co-Founder,Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

Jacy Reese

Co-Founder & Research Director,Sentience Institute

Jade Leung

Head of Partnerships & Researcher,Governance of Artificial Intelligence Program, Future of Humanity Institute

James Koppel

Researcher at MIT,MIT CSAIL, James Koppel Coaching LLC

James Snowden

Research Consultant,GiveWell

James Spurgeon

Research Associate,Animal Charity Evaluators

James Turitto

Research Manager,J-PAL

Jan Leike

Research Scientist,DeepMind

Jason Ketola

Vice President of Operations,MaxMind

Jason Matheny

Director,Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity

Jeff Kaufman

Software Engineer,Wave

Jen Eason

Harvard College Effective Altruism

Jess Whittlestone

Research advisor,80,000 Hours

Jessica Taylor

Research Fellow,MIRI