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Julian Burnside

Humanitarian Lawyer, Australia

Kandasi Griffiths

International Development Strategist

Katja Grace

Co-founder, AI Impacts

Kelly Witwicki

Executive Director, Sentience Institute

Kelsey Mulcahy

Program Manager, Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences

Kerry Arabena

Chair for Indigenous Health, University of Melbourne

Kerry Vaughan

Senior Growth Manager, The Centre for Effective Altruism

Kevin Esvelt

Assistant Professor, MIT Media Lab

Kieran Greig

Charity Science: Health, Cofounder

Kirsten Armstrong

Global Lead of Development Effectiveness, Fred Hollows Foundation

Kristian Rönn

CEO & GCF Researcher,

Lance Johnson

President, Harvard College Effective Altruism

Leah Utyasheva

Policy Director, Centre of Pesticide Suicide Prevention

Lewis Bollard

Farm Animal Welfare Program Officer, Open Philanthropy Project