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Jeffrey Ding

D. Phil Researcher,Centre for the Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Jen Eason

Harvard College Effective Altruism

Jess Whittlestone

Research advisor,80,000 Hours

Jesse Clifton

PhD Candidate,North Carolina State University

Jessica Taylor

Research Fellow,MIRI

Jim O’Neill

Managing Director,Mithril

Joe Huston

Chief Financial Officer,GiveDirectly

Joel Burke

Co-founder,Policy Entrepreneurship Network

Joey Savoie

Co-founder,Charity Science Entrepreneurship

John Halstead

Head of Applied Research,Founders Pledge

Jonathan Courtney

Centre for Effective Altruism

Jose Valle

Co-founder and Director of Investigations, Animal Equality

Joseph Carlsmith

PHD Student (philosophy),New York University

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Actor, Director, and Founder,HITRECORD

Josh Rosenberg

Senior Research Analyst,GiveWell

Joshua Greene

Professor of Psychology and Director of Greene Lab,Harvard University

Julia Wise

Community Liaison,Centre for Effective Altruism