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Lucas Perry

Project Coordinator, Future of Life Institute

Luke Nosek

Partner, Founders Fund

Malo Bourgon

Chief Operating Officer, MIRI

Marc Lipsitch

Professor of Epidemiology, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Marie Gibbons

Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics

Matt Reardon

President Emeritus, Harvard Law School Effective Altruism

Matthew Gentzel

University of Maryland School of Public Policy

Matthew Johnson

Chief Marketing Officer, GiveDirectly

Max Bazerman

Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Max Daniel

Executive Director, Foundational Research Institute

Max Tegmark

Professor of Physics, MIT

Michael Plant

DPhil Candidate in Philosophy, University of Oxford

Michelle Hutchinson

Project Manger, Institute for Effective Altruism

Miles Brundage

Research Fellow, Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute

Miranda Dixon-Luinenburg

The Centre for Effective Altruism, Operations Manager