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Jim is managing director at Mithril, a global growth investment fund. Mithril invests in businesses that use technology to solve intractable problems, often in traditional sectors long overdue for innovation, including Palantir, Helion, Adimab, Spaceflight, Classy, Auris, and AppDirect.

Before helping to found Mithril, Jim co-founded the Thiel Fellowship, which identifies and supports the tech visionaries of tomorrow in fields as diverse as biotech, communications, energy, education, artificial intelligence, and automation. Thiel Fellows have created 16 billion dollars in equity value by founding companies including Upstart, OYO Rooms, Hello, Freenome, Ethereum, Workflow, Fresco News, and the Longevity Fund. Jim also co-founded Breakout Labs, which helps launch radical early-stage science companies, including 3Scan, Cortexyme, and Modern Meadow. Jim was also managing director at Thiel Macro, Thiel Capital, and Clarium (then collectively known as Clarium). At the same time, he ran the Thiel Foundation, where he supported intensive projects such as the Human Rights Foundation, the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, and the Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent.