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Kate began working in cellular agriculture as an intern at Perfect Day Foods (formerly Muufri), developing strategies to make milk proteins. She has a background in protein biochemistry and cell biology, and completed her Ph.D. in May 2017.

While in graduate school, Kate created and taught Clones to Crystals, an 8-week undergraduate laboratory course covering the basics of cloning, protein purification, and crystallization trials. Her research focused on how insects use their immune systems to fight disease, particularly the biochemistry of thioester containing proteins (TEPs), a family of insect immune proteins. She has extensive research experience in biochemistry, structural biology, and cell biology. She also co-founded and ran Learn to Code, a data science bootcamp for women, teaching 50+ students the basics of data science and software development in Python.

Kate holds an M. Phil in Cell Biology from Yale University and an A. B. in Biochemistry from Mount Holyoke College.